I’m Jadi & I’m a trained SAG-AFTRA & AEA Actress who’s in an award winning movie that premiered in theaters nationwide, is available on demand NOW! and is set to be released Internationally this year.

 I wasn’t always in the arts, though - in fact my entire life I was being groomed to become a surgeon. I received a FULL 4 year scholarship and was off to pursue my medical Ivy League dreams at Columbia University but fate would have it’s way when I met an awesome group of like-minded Dominicans and created CU’s first ever Latin dance team - SABOR.

 Since then, I’ve worked on music videos, industrials, award shows and even managed to secure “pushing it” in International arenas with hip-hop legends Salt-n-Pepa, and it was good…real good.

Fitness naturally crept into my life which led me to place 3rd in the Ms. Bikini New York Fitness America pageant in 2013 as well as to become SCWHINN certified as an indoor cycling instructor.

Most recently I have noticed the power in sharing and being vulnerable.  There’s a certain magic that happens that is almost transformative – it not only provides as a sense of release, making room for more awesome things to enter, but in the process it has the power to change someone and/or bring others together, hence my new digital journey.

I’m hoping that as I share my personal journey into navigating a budding acting career & life that I can remind viewers and readers that they are not alone and in turn inspire someone to get after what it is they really want by sharing open, honestly, and with a little humor.

Beyond acting, in November 2018 I married the most wonderful man I know who encourages every single dream of mine and he has whisked me away to Pennsylvania where this little Spanish speaking Dominican girl, single mom raised and NYC born and bred, has got A LOT to learn living in suburbia - but in the meantime, we love home cooked meals, having wine & beers with friends, sports, getaways, and gummy bears…lots of gummy bears

My obsessions? Handbags and donuts.

Welcome to my world…I’m excited to share with you.